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What are the Instruments Purchased by a Money Market Fund?


Are you looking to invest your surplus corpus in a financial instrument that offers you high safety and a good return? Money market mutual funds may be good investment options for you. What are money market funds? Money market funds are open-ended sc ...

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What is Hyperinflation? How Does Hyperinflation Occur?


Hyperinflation is a case of devaluation of money. In the current scenario, the Venezuelan economy is suffering from hyperinflation. People are living in abject poverty due to the rise in prices of goods and an increase in unemployment. Former Preside ...

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Why Insurance Sahi Hai?


The Government wants people to invest in mutual funds. Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI); educates citizens on the how’s and why’s of investing in mutual funds. AMFI started the highly successful campaign, Mutual Funds Sahi ...

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