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Compound Interest Formula: Definition and Examples

What is Compound Interest?  Compound interest is basically interest on interest. It is the addition of interest to the principal sum of a deposit. Interest is reinvested rather than paid out. With compound interest, investment grows faster ...

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Credit Rating Agencies in India

Credit Rating Agency: In India major credit rating agencies are CRISIL, CARE, ICRA, SMERA and FITCH India. These credit rating agencies were formed to rate different organizations as well as individuals based on credit worthiness. The credit ratin ...

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Planning To Take A Loan Against Property? 5 Things To Know Before Taking One

Loan against Property:  Loan issued on mortgaging a property is called loan against property. Usually 50-60% of the property’s market value can be availed as a loan. Loan against property is a secured loan and is offered at lower intere ...

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