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How to Select the Best Home Loan?

This article gives home loan seekers the muchneeded information to choose the best home loans offered in India. A home loan or a housing loan is usually taken to buy, construct or renovate a house. Both banks and NBFCs offer home loans in India. Choo ...

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Patent Registration in India: How to Apply for It?

Patent Registration in India: A patent is the right given to an individual or a company by the government. A patent is a kind of license or legal document which confers the right for a specified time period and bars others (competitors) from maki ...

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Basics of Credit Score

The credit score is a numeric summary of creditworthiness. Creditworthiness defines the debt repayment capabilities. Bankers or lenders use credit scores to determine if a personal loan, a home loan, a loan against property, a vehicle loan and so on, ...

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