Can I convert reimbursable health insurance plans into cashless?

I am 61 years married with 2daughters and residing in Raichur. I have 2 health insurance plans which are not cashless. I want to convert these plans into cashless health insurance plans. Is there any way I can do so. Please advise?

Asked by : Krishnakanth - Raichur | 296 Views

You can port your health insurance plan at the time of renewal. You may port your policies into any health insurance policies that offers cashless facility at a wide network of hospitals. You need to keep in mind that cashless hospitalization is just a facility, not a benefit. 1. You should also pay attention to the list of hospitals on the prospective insurer's network and also find out whether your preferred hospitals are a part of it. 2. If you port the reimbursable plans to cashless plans and your preferred hospitals are not a part of it, you will still have to opt for the reimbursement option despite porting to a new insurer with the cashless feature.