Can you get a health insurance plan to cover diabetes?

I am 27 years and reside in Bidar with my 53 year old mother. My mother was recently diagnosed with diabetes. My mother does not have any health insurance. I have heard that diabetes has high medical costs and can blow away my finances. Can my mother get a health insurance plan to cover diabetes?

Asked by : Prasad - Bidar | 294 Views

Diabetes is considered a pre-existing condition and is covered only after a waiting period which can be around 4 years. There are health insurance plans which cover diabetes after 1-2 years, but charge hefty premiums. Many insurers offer plans which you can enter even at the age of 65-75 years. They are renewable for lifetime. If your mother is not suffering from any diseases normally associated with diabetes and her diabetes is under control, you can take a regular health cover. Complications due to diabetes will be covered after 4 years. Study thepre-existing clauses, waiting periods, deductibles, co-payment and exclusions on the plans. If she had any such disease in the past, you can take a diabetes health insurance cover, which is more expensive by 20-30% over the regular plan but covers medical conditions associated with diabetes immediately.