Delay in claiming life insurance

I am 39 years married and residing in Kumta. My mother died a year back. Recently I came across a term life insurance plan which my now (deceased) father had bought in my mother's name. Can I approach the insurer for more details? What information would I need to be able to find out who the nominee was and the benefits due?

Asked by : Sambath - Kumta | 327 Views

If you have the policy number, use that along with know-your-customer (KYC) details of your mother to seek the policy details from the insurance company. Insurers should be able to provide you with this information through their customer service helpline. You may have to visit the issuing branch to get these details.

If you have to make a death claim, you would need the original policy document, mother's death certificate, proof of nominee and your relationship with the insured. If the original policy document is not available, you will have to file for issuance of a duplicate policy. If you suspect the original policy document has been stolen, you will have to file a FIR. Insurers could also accept an indemnity bond or declaration from you to issue a duplicate policy.