Do health insurance policies only cover hospitalization-related illnesses?

I am 45 years married with a daughter and reside in Bijapur. I have read reports that health insurance policies only cover hospitalization-related illnesses. Does this mean treatments such as dialysis and cataract surgery are not covered? Please advise.

Asked by : Manjunath - Bijapur | 319 Views

Most health insurance policies require minimum 24 hours of hospitalization for a claim to be admissible. The exception is day-care surgeries. Surgeries that can be done without hospitalization or less than 24 hours of hospitalization, due to advancement of technology, are classified as day-care surgeries.Dialysis and cataract are common types of day-care surgeries. However, these will be covered after the passage of waiting period which maybe 1-2 year. But those like root canal, or lasik surgery may not be covered due to other exclusions under the policy.