How to make a claim on multiple health insurance plan?

I am 43 years married with a son and reside in Bengaluru. I work for a reputed Company and have a corporate health plan. I also have a family floater health plan and an individual health plan. If I want to make a claim in what order should I make a claim to lower or retain my premium outgo?

Asked by : Adithya - Bengaluru | 357 Views

You have multiple health insurance plans and you have the right to choose the policy to make your claim. The main criteria here is, the health insurance plan should provide the cover for the ailment, for which the claim is being made. 1. If the claim amount exceeds the sum insured opted for in the policy, then you can make a claim on the other health insurance plans. 2. It is important to note that when you claim under your personal plans i.e. individual or family floater plan, then during the renewal you may not get the benefit of cumulative bonus or no-claim discount, if any, applicable under the policy. 3. Health Insurance policies in India offer No Claim Bonus as benefit for not availing the claim amount during the policy period. This bonus can be availed while renewing your health insurance policy. Some insurers offer an increase in sum assured, in the form of a cumulative bonus, to replace this No Claim Bonus[NB1] . Let us conclude that use corp first and then use your personal insurances.