How to verify Income Tax Returns?

I am 26 years unmarried and reside in Mysuru. I work for a Company and filed my ITR for the first time before August 5th 2017. My friend has told me there is a way to verify if my returns have been filed. Is this true. I don't know much about ITR as I am filing returns for the first time.

Asked by : Nagaraj - Mysuru | 369 Views

If you happen to be among the new ITR filers, remember that after you file the return, you have to verify it. You can do it offline as well as online. If you opt for offline verification you have to download the ITR-V (acknowledgement form), sign it physically and mail it by ordinary post or speed post to the Income Tax Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) within 120 days from date of uploading the ITR. 1[NB1] . You can download ITR-V by logging in into your e-fling account. Here, under the My Account section, click ‘View E-filed returns/Forms’ and submit. You will get list of all the returns filed by you. In the status section you can see which years’ returns are pending verification. Click the acknowledgement number of the respective year’s return and download the ITR-V. 2. There are various online options to e-verify your return. These include e-verification through net-banking, bank account number, demat account number and Aadhaar number. For e-verifying the return through net-banking, you need to log into your e-filing account through your net-banking login and password. 3. Ideally you should try to e-verify the return, as it gives you an immediate confirmation of ITR verification. Moreover it will expedite the processing of return and tax refunds, if any.