Is Ayurveda Treatment Covered In Health Insurance Policies?

I am 47 years married and residing in Holenarasipura. I want to avail a health insurance plan which covers Ayurvedic treatments. Will I be able to get it? My son is studying Ayurveda. Will he be able to cater to those patients who want the treatment to be paid by their insurance? Please advise Is Ayurveda Treatment Covered in Health Insurance Policies?

Asked by : Nagaraj - Holenarasipura | 325 Views

Yes, several health insurance plans cover Ayurveda treatments. The coverage of ayurvedic treatments is dependent on the particular insurer. A few policies would cover such treatments up to the full sum assured, while several policies would limit the expenditure and cap the overall sum assured. There may be a cap on the amount covered which usually ranges from 7.5% to 25% of Sum Assured. Some health insurance plans might even have a co-payment clause.

Many health insurance policies require that expenditure should be incurred for hospitalization purposes only. This condition may limit the actual number of people your son will be able to serve. Insurers are increasingly introducing OPD benefits into their mediclaim insurances and some of these do allow Ayurveda related OPD to be charged.

Though traditional medicines are being covered by the new health insurance plans, there are still few exclusions. One should verify the treatments covered before buying a particular health insurance policy.