Is it necessary to have an occupancy certificate to live in an apartment?

I am 47 years and reside in Mysuru. I booked an apartment in a project in Mysuru and my apartment was constructed in 3 years. The builder has not given me the occupancy certificate. He keeps delaying

Asked by : Vijay - Mysuru | 286 Views

Occupancy Certificate (OC) is issued by Municipal Authorities under respective state laws and it states that the building is safe to occupy. You cannot legally move into your apartment unless you get the OCas the Corporation/ Municipality can ask you to vacate the apartment. The OC certifies that your building has been constructed according to proper standards and as per local laws. The OC is issued by Municipal authorities and states the building is safe to occupy. If the builder does not respond to your requests, file a complaint before the consumer forum. You can also file a criminal case against the builder for deficiency in service, for breach of contract or not responding to your grievance. The builder will be forced to hand over the occupancy certificate.