Is it necessary to intimate the insurer about recently undergone heart bypass surgery?

I am 48 years married and reside in Bidar. I had availed a family floater health insurance with a reputed general insurer for the past 4 years. Recently, I had undergone a heart bypass surgery and incurred a medical bill of INR 3 Lakhs. These bills were settled through my corporate medical insurance plan. Do I need to intimate the insurer of my personal health insurance plan about this bypass surgery?

Asked by : Ravi - Bidar | 287 Views

It is not compulsory for you to intimate your insurer with whom you have this health insurance plan about the bypass surgery. You need to do so only if you are applying for a change in the terms and benefits of the policy or an increase in the cover limit. However, if you want to apply for an increase in the sum assured, you will have to disclose this bypass surgery and any change in the health status of your family. You can opt to increase the coverage in your family floater health insurance plan, but acceptance depends on underwriting guideless of your insurer.