Is life insurance docket very important?

4. I am 37 years and reside in Shivamogga. I had availed anendowment life insurance plan with a sum assured of INR 15 Lakhs. Recently when I searched for the life insurance docket, I could not find it. I believe it’s lost or misplaced. Is this document important? What should I do?

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You get the life insurance docket as a physical copy or a soft copy. Some life insurers only give you physical copies and not soft copies.The docket consists of policy document, claims form, policy wording and risk, details of your first premium payment, proposal form and medical report. If you want to take a loan against the life insurance plan, you need this docket. Iyou/your wife/nomineehas to make a claim, it’s very important to have the policy docket. You must inform the insurer about this loss and request a duplicate copy. The rights and privileges of this duplicate copy are same as the original copy. Some insurers could ask you to place an advertisement in the local newspaper informing about the loss of the docket. You might have to show proof of publication. Some insurers automatically create an insurance depository, so that e-policy is always available. Check and see if your insurer offers this facility.