Is there any possibility of getting a tax benefit for the money which have paid for the health check-up under Section 80D?

I am 44 years married with a son and residing in Dharwad. I had availed a family floater health insurance plan about 5 years ago and regularly pay the premiums. Recently I took up a preventive health check up package with a prominent hospital. Can I get a tax benefit for the money I have paid for the health check-up under Section 80D? Please advise?

Asked by : Chandan - Dharwad | 93 Views

Killer diseases like heart ailments, cancer, stroke and diabetes can by far be prevented, if diagnosed early in their stages. This can be achieved by regular preventive health check-ups. Within the maximum limit of INR 25,000, you get a benefit of up to INR 5,000. This means, if you pay premium of INR 20,000 towards your health insurance premium and undergo a preventive health check-up costing Rs.5,000, the total of Rs 25,000 can be availed under section 80D. Following are the conditions to get the tax benefit: 1. You need to incur an expenditure on preventive health check up in a particular financial year. 2. The preventive check-up can be for self, spouse and dependent children.