Is there any way to change the debit date of SIP?

I am 35 years old resident of Madikeri. I have three mutual fund SIPs and my money gets auto-debited on the first of each month from my bank account. I recently changed my job and now my salary gets credited on the 10th of every month. Is there any way I can change the date of debit?Kindly advise?

Asked by : Bhaskar - Madikeri | 313 Views

The change of date for your SIPs can be done by submitting an SIP transaction slip. Every mutual fund company has such a common transaction slip, using which any such changes can be taken care of. A better way to manage your SIPs would be to use one of many digital platforms that are available for this purpose[NB1] . 1. You[NB2] can easily issue a one-time mandate that will allow you to set-up SIPs in schemes from multiple mutual fund companies at different times without any paperwork. 2. Making changes such as dates of debit, amount, or even schemeswould be possible without visiting the asset management companies (AMC) branches or issuing transaction slips. 3. You can pause, stop, change, and manage your SIPs more efficiently at the click of a button on either your browser or mobile at any time of the day.