Is there any way to get additional health and life insurance cover?

I am 38 years married with a son and residing in Bengaluru. I have a term life cover of about INR 50 Lakhs and a health cover of Rs 2.5 Lakhs under a group health plan provided by my employer. I have an annual income of INR 15 Lakhs. Last year I was hospitalized for a week with acute vein thrombosis. I am on medication, but fine. I have tried to get additional life and health insurance cover from a number of insurers, but failed. Is there any way I can get cover? Please advise?

Asked by : Subash - Bengaluru | 305 Views

Insurers hesitate to insure you if you have undergone surgery or have major treatment history. You have undergone treatment recently and this stands against you. If you want enhanced cover you must consider 2 options: 1. You must apply for a regular individual health insurance plan with a low sum assured, say around INR 5 Lakhs as large insurers would be less lenient when underwriting a lesser amount. 2. The insurer would give you coverage with past ailments as permanent exclusions. You could then request the insurer for sum assured enhancement when you renew the policy. 3. You can also opt for a top-up health insurance plan which has a deductible. You have to bear medical expenses up to the deductible. If you have a claim above deductible, the top-up plan will settle the claim. There are few instances where claims are above the deductible and insurers are comfortable underwriting such plans. You can file your claim up to the deductible under the group health plan.