What can be done for the poor condition of the purchased apartment?

I am 40 years and reside in Bengaluru. I had booked an apartment from a builder about 3 years back and got possession of my apartment 6 months ago. Now to my shock I am found the quality of electric wiring very poor. Plaster on the walls are falling and the ceiling is leaking. I tried calling the builder, but he does not respond to my calls. This is my hard earned money. What should I do?

Asked by : Venkatesh - Bengaluru | 289 Views

There are several complaints against builders, the most common being deficiency in service, ceiling leakage, no proper drainage system, low quality of electric wiring. These are unfair practices committed by builders against their customers. You can file a complaint before the consumer forum for deficient service rendered by the builder. The builder would have to repair/correct these defects at his own cost or pay a penalty + compensation. You also have the option of filing a criminal case against the builder for poor quality construction and not responding to your grievances.