User Agreement - LeadMarket
User Agreement No claim of charge back / refund shall be admissible under any circumstances as :
  1. All Leads available on Lead Market are generated through a standard process which is completely documented.
  2. We spend money on promotion & lead generation considering the demand from you. Hence, when you don’t buy the leads displayed in Lead Market, we do incur loss as there is a huge cost to keep leads available all the time. Also, the leads are highly perishable and cant be reused.
  3. Monthly maintenance charges: We incur huge expenses towards maintaining inventory of leads in the Lead Market app. Besides this, we incur expenses in disseminating this information to you through sms and notification along with software maintenance. In the event when our associates do not purchase leads which are highly perishable in nature from the lead market we incur huge losses. Hence we charge a nominal fees if you are not buying a minimum of 5 PAID leads per month and Company reserves the right to increase or decrease this price at its sole discretion.
    • Not bought for 1 month - 50 Credit Points
    • Not bought for 2 months - 100 Credit Points
    • Not bought for 3 months - 200 Credit Points
    • Not bought for 4-6 months - 500 Credit Points
    • Not bought for 6 months - 1000 Credit Points
  4. If there is any fault with any lead bought on Lead Market, you can apply for replacement and the same will be rechecked by our quality team using the documentary evidence available with us like the recording of the coversation happened between our Wealth Doctor and the Consumer (Lead).
  5. Replacement requests will be attended as per our Offer document.
  6. Incase, if your replacement request is not inline with the terms of our Offer Document, we will reject such requests and can provide the documentary evidence available with us upon written request to [email protected] along with a declaration to confirm that this proof will be used only for internal use & will not be published anywhere as this leads privacy breach of the consumer.
  7. Though there is no validaity for the wallet balance, this will not be refunded under any circumstances and the wallet balance has to be used only to buy leads through Lead Market.
  8. You are requested to recharge your Wallet only if you agree & accept all the terms & conditions mentioned here.
  9. You are recharging your wallet only to buy the leads available in Lead Market & the company is not responsible for non-availability of leads under any category or in particular place.
  10. You are eligible to claim a FREE Lead for every Paid Lead bought during the last 30 days subject to availability , which means if you have bought 10 Paid leads in the last 30 days, you can claim upto 10 FREE leads. However, you can't buy more than the daily quota allowed based on your LeadMarket wallet balance as defined in FREE Lead section under LeadMarket.
  11. Quality Assurance Service: This is a complimentary service offered by the company to help associates improve their conversion ratio. However, this feature may not be available at times due to technical challenges and the company will not be responsible for such instances. Further, when you call consumers thru quality assurance program, you should not collect consumers contact information over the call. In case, if you collect contact information over call then such leads will not be eligible for replacement. In case if the consumer does not answer the call for continuous 5 times thru our quality assurance platform, then you can apply for replacement of such leads and the same will be accepted without questions.
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