अभी क्यों है म्युचुअल फंड में पैसा लगाने का सबसे सही समय?

सीएस सुधीर, सीईओ और फाउंडर, इंडियनमनी डॉट कॉम, द्वारा जानिए अभी म्युचुअल फंड में पैसा लगाने का सबसे सही समय क्यों है।

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Why you should invest before the 5th of every month in PPF account

CS Sudheer - Founder & CEO of, India's Largest Financial Education Company points out how PPF continues to be a popular tool for investment among people highlighting its benefits.

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Fixed Maturity Plans (FMPs) Vs Fixed Deposits (FDs): Interest Rates, Tax Benefits Compared

CS Sudheer - Founder and CEO of gives his opinion on FMP's and FD's highlighting their distinct benefits and features

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Why You Must Deposit Money In PPF Accounts Before Or On 5th Of Every Month

CS Sudheer, CEO and Founder of, a financial advisory firm said "If monthly investments of Rs. 12,500 are made before the 5th of the month for 15 years, the maturity value can be over Rs. 45 lakh. A person who always invested before the 5th of the month, gained about 2.5 times the monthly investment, compared to the person who always invested after the 5th,". He added saying "This means you can save more than Rs. 1.5 lakh, over the 15-year period which is a substantial saving".

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Your early 20's are the best time for financial planning

Get to know the 3 reasons why your 20's are the best time for financial planning. "Not realising this can be a terrible mistake" warns CS Sudheer - Founder and CEO of

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How To Plan A Budget For A Family Of Four

CS Sudheer - Founder and CEO of, India's Largest Financial Education Company gives expert tips and tricks for planning a smart household budget for boosting savings and curbing expenses.

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What women miss in their financial plans?

CS Sudheer - Founder and CEO of addresses the importance of personal finance planning for a modern day women, highlighting the necessity of savings and investments independently, to live a life free from financial hardships.

Read More is spreading awareness among consumers through, India's largest Financial Education company has launched a new platform "" exclusively to safeguard the interest of the people. It helps consumers in filing complaints against any mishaps and frauds in turn connecting them to the company for a permanent solution".

Read More Launches Much Awaited Campaign Manager Feature in LeadMarket Mobile App

LeadMarket - India's largest marketplace for pre-qualified insurance, loans, investments and real estate leads has launched a first-of-its kind feature Campaign Manager. LeadMarket is helping over 60,000 intermediaries with its unique offerings across India. Promoted by - India's largest financial education company - LeadMarket is the pioneer in launching features to equip retail financial intermediaries with latest technology offerings. With the launch of Campaign Manager, it aims to help retail intermediaries in brand building activities and to capture the mindshare among their clients/prospective clients which is currently deemed to be a prerogative of only large institutions.

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