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Love Beyond Death

By CS Sudheer


About the book

We can safely claim India as a culture is 'risk averse'. This nature has been ingrained in our ethos since time immemorial. As an extension of this characteristic, we as a society, as a family tend not to even mention about various risks to our loved ones arising out of uncertainties of life. Development in science and technology has eliminated myriad risks that our forefathers faced but has brought in new challenges and risks. As a society, we are marching fast in adopting contemporary innovations in the field of science and technology. At the same time, we lag big time when it comes adopting various innovations meant for the financial well-being of ourselves and our family. Providing financial security to a family which is the fundamental molecule of a nation is the first step in nation building. Adequate risk planning is the key in ensuring the future of family. There have been multiple efforts to convey this message, however, this work stands unique. It is a profound exercise in conveying this simple and most important fact in an out of the box story telling format. is spreading the financial education since last 8 years through its unique on-all advising and this book is a bold step in its endeavor to help people in making the right decision. Hope the society makes the best use of this work.

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Published on
5 Sep, 2017 by Suvision Holdings Pvt. Ltd
No of pages
Reading time
4 Hours

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