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How to Write a Will - वसीयत के कानून| | Steps to Writing a Will in Hindi - Indianmoney Hindi

WHAT IS WILL? A Will is a legal declaration of a person's intention which he desires to be performed after his death. A person who makes a will is said to have died intestate, if not it is intestate. In other words, we can tell that a testator is the one who has made a legally valid will before death. Through "Will" one can transfer his property to any person he likes, i.e. Faithful servant, handicapped children, widowed daughter, etc. It avoids confusion about the disposal of property, among the family members after his/her death. A will can be created by any person at any stage of life. TYPES OF WILL : Following are the major types of Wills  1. Conditional will - A will can become operational only when the condition expressed therein is satisfied. 2. Joint Will - A will created by two or more persons. It takes effect only after the death of all testators  3. Mutual Will - A will is mutual when the two testators confer upon each other reciprocal benefits 4. The duplicate will - It is a copy of the original will created by the testator for safety purpose, It is as good as the original will 5. Concurrent will - More than one will made by the same testator upon his different properties are called Concurrent wills. All are valid wills unless or otherwise, each is contrary to each other. Holograph WilL - A Will entirely in the handwriting of the testator is called as Holograph Will. 6. Codicils - Amendments made by the testator in his will during the lifetime is called as Codicils.

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