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Best Investments for 2020 - Things to Considered Before Investing in 2020 | MDS CNN NEWS 18

Things to Considered Before Investing in 2020 : Setting aside your money now to get more money in the future. You earn an income each month. You set aside some amount for your basic needs as savings. You maintain 3-6 months of expenses in your savings bank account for any contingencies and invest the rest.   If you are a conservative investor you will invest in fixed income securities such as fixed deposits. The amount you invest (Principal) is safe and you get interested on this amount. If you are an aggressive investor you invest in equity. You get a higher return at a higher risk. The amount you invest could double in a short time or even be lost. You may get a higher return than fixed-income investments but the risks are high. Why We All Should Invest Money? Whatever the purpose might be, Money plays an integral role in our lives. However, income on its own will not serve all or some of the above purposes. We work hard to earn our money. However, we must also preserve and grow our wealth to ensure that the income we earn can continue to bear fruit throughout our lifetime and help us achieve our goals. To ensure this, we need to invest.   Things To Consider Before You Invest In Any Schemes :   1.Sketch A Household Budget 2. Get Rid Of Debt 3. Setup An Emergency Fund 4. Plan Bigger Financial Goals 5. Get Financial Advice From Experts 6. Know Risks Of The Investments            

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