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How to Invest in IPO - IPO में कैसे निवेश करे? | Tips for Investing in IPOs | What is IPO

What Is An Initial Public Offering (IPO)? The first time a company sells its stock to the public is known as an initial public offer. These are mainly launched by Companies that are new but have a very sound business model and see vast scope for expansion in their business. An Initial Public Offering could also be launched by a Company that has been in business for a while but wants to raise additional capital by selling part of its ownership to the public. The Company launches an IPO which is called "Going Public" and raises capital by selling the stake in the Company to the public. Why is an IPO offered? It all began with the Dutch East India Company in 1602 and even today the sole objective of an IPO is to maximize value for its stakeholders. When a company lists its securities on a public exchange, the money paid by investors for the newly issued shares goes directly to the company. An IPO, therefore, allows a company to tap a wide pool of investors to provide itself with capital for future growth, repayment of debt or working capital. A company selling common shares is never required to repay the capital to investors.

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