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Vehicle Insurance - How to Claim Insurance if your Car is Damaged in Floods| MDS CNN News18 | EP:332

Vehicle Insurance - How to Claim Insurance if your Car is Damaged in Floods? Whether you own a two-wheeler or a car, it is a prized possession. You spend Lakhs together to buy a motor vehicle. Any damage to a motor car in an accident costs thousands in repairs. Worse, if the motor car is fully destroyed in an accident, replacing it will be a costly affair. Buying a new motor car in case it’s stolen, costs a fortune. It is important to buy a motor insurance plan to cover the vehicle against accidents, theft, fire, natural calamities and so on. Motor Insurance in India is of two types: 1. Third-Party Liability Cover 2. Comprehensive Motor Insurance Plan Steps to file an insurance claim for flood-damaged cars 1st Step: Call on the landline or toll-free number of your car insurance company. 2nd Step: Give all the necessary information accurately to the insurance company crew. Basically, you have to inform them of the place your car was parked, whether it was being driven when it broke down or otherwise. 3rd Step: A unique number known as the claim registration number will be provided to you. Keep it carefully as you will be required to give this unique number every time you have an interaction with the company. 4th Step: The insurance company will plan and schedule a pick-up time and tow your car. 5th Step: For examining the total damage done to your car, a surveyor will be sent by the insurance company. Once the garage team is consulted, you will be informed about the cost of the damages payable by the insurance company as well as the cost that you have to bear. Make sure that the claims approval must be according to the coverage of your insurance policy. In case you feel there is an issue, you can always consult your surveyor and get it confirmed. 6th Step: Either the garage service team or the surveyor will give you the claim approval sheet. Keep one copy handy with you. 7th Step: Ask the garage team for an approximate timeline for completing your car repairs. 8th Step: You can always call the garage and ask for a status update regarding the repairs of your car. You must do this at least once in a few days. 9th Step: When the repairs work has just begun, you will have been given a checklist. You must check the repair work as per this checklist. Only if you are content, you must pay the charges of service payable by you after the claim settlement. Also, sign the final set of documents. 10th Step: Get your car back through delivery.                                  

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