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What is Balanced Mutual fund - Best Balanced Mutual Funds 2020 | Money Doctor Show CNN News 18

A balanced fund is a mutual fund that contains a stock component, a bond component and sometimes a money market component in a single portfolio. Generally, these funds stick to a relatively fixed mix of stocks and bonds. Their holdings are balanced between equity and debt with their objective between growth and income. Balanced funds in mutual funds: Balanced funds are a type of mutual fund. It is a type of mutual fund that invests in different asset classes. Balanced funds are a perfect blend of debt and equity. Balanced funds have a lower risk profile as compared to equity mutual funds. By managing the funds in an efficient manner, the risk factor and the returns on a balanced mutual fund strike a perfect balance. They help the investor generate income as well as maintain a low risk of investments. Features of Balanced funds in India: Investing in Balanced funds can be done to fulfill short term financial goals. Balanced funds are also one of the best investment options for new entrants in the share market. Given below are some of the features of balanced funds: Moderate risk profile: The balanced funds carry a moderate risk profile as they invest in a variety of financial instruments like equity, government bonds, fixed income assets and so on. Portfolio balancing: The investment portfolio can be balanced depending on the market fluctuations. The fund manager has the authority to sell shares and vice versa during unstable market conditions to maintain a balance. Yield good returns: the balanced mutual funds yield good returns as they have an equity component.

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