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Major Advantages of Small-Cap Stock

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

1. Small-cap stocks have greater growth potential 2. The Prices of the stocks are lower, allowing retail investors to get shares at reasonable prices.
Small cap stocks usually have high beta assuming the stock is fundamentally strong.The value of the stocks appreciates faster than the large and midcap stocks.on the flip side the price decilnes faster the large and midcap in case of any adverse events in the market

Reasons to Invest In Small-Cap Stocks

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

1. Investors can benefit from their growth potential 2. Investors can purchase quality stocks at lower prices 3. Get exceptionally higher returns at lower investment.

Features of Small-Cap Stocks

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

1. These stocks are highly volatile 2. It is susceptible to market fluctuations 3. These are counted among top yielding investment options 4. They have the potential to emerge as multi-bagger stocks

What are small-cap stocks?

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

Small-cap stocks are the shares of smaller companies whose stocks are listed between 251 to 5600 in the stock exchange.

1. Large Cap Funds

2. Small Cap Funds

3. Debt Funds

4. Balanced Funds

5. Multi Cap Funds

6. Large & Mid Cap Funds


What are the features of mid cap stocks ?

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

Mid-cap stocks are the shares of companies that have a potential to grow but are less risky than small-cap stocks.

What are Mid-Cap Stocks?

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago

As per SEBI, the mid-cap stocks are the shares of companies listed on the stock exchange in the range of 101 to 250 in the list of companies.
Investing in large cap stocks can be beneficial as they offer stability to your investment portfolio and offers a regular flow of income through dividend payment.

what are features of Large Cap stocks ?

By IndianMoney, 4 weeks ago


1. They offer moderate returns.

2. The Large-cap stocks are less risky when compared to Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks.

3. The Large-cap stocks belong to the well-established market players that have a rich operational history. 

4. These stocks are more expensive compared to Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks

5. Offers liquidity to investors.

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